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Essay on Business Law Review

Essay on Business Law Review Essay on Business Law Review Business Law Final Exam Review Remedy Remedies at Law vs. Remedies in Equity (specific performance, injunction, recession) Common Law courts were either courts of law or courts of equity Courts of law- were to empower only award wronged party’s money or other valuables compensation for their injuries or losses Courts of Equity_ to award any manner of non-monetary relief such as ordering a person to do something (Injunction-to perform or to stop doing something). NB- in most of the USA the Court of Law and Equity have merged, but the USA still recognizes legal remedies and equitable Remedies. -Remedy- the means given to a party to enforce a right or to compensate for another’s violation of a right. The Doctrine of Stare Decisis- The doctrine by which judges are obligated to follow precedents established within a particular Jurisdiction Precedent-judgment of a decision a judge renders in the past and a new judge takes the case must render the same decision the only time this isn’t the case is when new facts are brought forth through new technology ect Statue of limitation- how long u can take to bring forth a lawsuit. 3 branches of government- Legislative- Makes the Law Judicial- they enforce the law, Executive- is administrative , president. Difference between trial court and appellate court Trial court- Is the lowest court on the state level (plaintiff, defendant) Appellate- 2nd court after the trial court on the state level. (Appellant/petitioner, Appellee/Respondent) U.S. Supreme Court – it is the highest court of the land there are 9 Justice writ of certiorari- the Supreme Court request records from a lower court case for review but the rule of four must be in effect. Arbitration/Litigation/Mediation/Negotiation Litigation-the process of taking legal action. It includes arbitration, mediation and negotiation Negotiation-Two people coming together by themselves to come to an agreement. Mediation- there is an mediator or a 3rd party and the parties try to reach an agreement but that mediator do not reach a decision for those parties Arbitration-There is a 3rd party which help the party’s come to an unbinding decision meaning you cannot bring the case to any court. The decision which is reach is called an â€Å"Award† Pleadings – consist of the Summons & Complaint Summons- A document that sent to the defendant infoeming them that legal actions have been taking against them or a law suit have been filed, that the defendant have to appear in court at the a specific date. Complains- A pleading made by the plaintiff alleging the wrong doing on the party of the defendant, and it starts the lawsuits. Needs to state why the court has jurisdiction A brief summary of the facts necessary to show that the plaintiff is entitle to a remedy What remedy the court is seeking. Service of Process- need to give the defendant a copy of the complaint and summons to the defendant. You cannot serve it by mail you need to serve it in person. Counterclaim- a claim made by a defendant in a lawsuit. This counter claim comes with an answer to the plaintiff claim, and the reason they’re counter suing. Notice of appeal- filing an notice of appeal for a decision which was render, which wasn’t in your favor and u need to send a copy to the second party, and a couple to the court asking them to review the facts. Police powers- the state has policing powers. The states can regulate public, and private actives. However it can only regulate private actives only if it affects the well being of the public. Spending Powers- by a legislature to an administration (government) to spend public funds in accordance with an approved budget. Taxing Powers- Constitutionally-granted power of a government to impose and collect taxes, as the means of raising revenue within its jurisdiction. Interstate Commerce- Interstate is between states. Intrastate is within a state. Congress has the power to

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Tylenol Cyanide Scare †Case Study Analysis

Tylenol Cyanide Scare – Case Study Analysis Free Online Research Papers In the Case 6-3, Tylenol Rides It out and Gains a Legacy, Chapter 6, was the one I decided to do my case study analysis on, in which I evaluated the effectiveness of communication between this organization and its publics. Based on my selected case study, I will evaluate the effectiveness of the communication between the organization and its intended public(s).This case study is a true story of how seven people died from cyanide put into capsules that people did not realize until too late. The first item on hand is to identify the different publics involved in the case study. There are two in this case which Tylenol (the company) is the corporation and the public which is the consumers. In having these tragedies happen to seven people in the Chicago area. Were cyanide was put into different capsules and resulting in seven deaths. Trying to figure out how to differentiate between the internal and external publics involved. The internal people would be the CEO, Vice Presidents, Upper management, Lower management and all the employees that worked for the company. The external were the customers, media, and special interest groups. The impact the communications had on the intended public(s) was great. Johnson and Johnson came out right and took the credit for all the problems. The company stood up and told people right away what was happing. By doing this and having a great founder that believed in the corporation and being socially responsible for society had a profound a ffect to the public. A company that has high ethics is very few and far between. A lot of companies just don’t want anyone to know what they are hiding so they try to sweep it under the rug. The message had been communicated greatly effectively because they as the company took on the public and the answers. They had a crisis and showed that they could handle it in any way. Any problem that was thrown at them they could try their best to fix or at least try to do something about it. Tylenol took pride in their product and in their reputation for integrity and having pride in the public. â€Å". In 2001, the crime remains unsolved. All supplies of the product in stores nationwide were pulled off the shelves by the parent company, Johnson Johnson, at a cost exceeding $50 million. After due time and investigation, the product was reissued in tamper-resistant containers, and a sealed package of capsules was offered free to consumers who had discarded the suspect supplies in their possession. The company became a champion of tamper-resistantconsumer product packaging†. (CASE 6-3 A CLASSIC: TYLENOL RIDES IT OUT AND GAINS A LEGACY, 1983) In the echoing events When I identified the different PR communication tools and techniques that were used to inform, influence, and motivate the public(s) in the Tylenol case. I was able to find a chart that listed all the forms they used below. They used proactive, reactive, strategic of non verbal and verbal words and many listed below in the chart that I have attached. They used strategic planning, News releases, Company profiles, Newsletters, Video services, Crisis Mangament, Speechwrighting. These came in handy because it was important to get the message out there with minumal distractions. Johnson and Johnson by using and following each one with care was able to have a much better out come then actually though. (Strategic communication process model, 2005) In evaluating the benefits and risks of using these tools is very risky because the scale can swing either way. By using the methods they chosen could have caused them to either go out of business or keep the business they have and get new clients. The company took a big risk with the decision. If it had gone the other way then we might not have Tylenol here at all. I would think that if they lost then another company would have come out with a similar product and they would have had made the same amount of money. The difference between the both is that this PR campaign and Advertising does not really matter does to the outcome in this century. I don’t think that I would have used other tools because I think that they pretty much did what they could at the time. If this crisis were to occur today, how would new technologies, such as the Internet, impact this case? It would have impacted very much. With the use of you tube and my space and the internet you can pracatally get instance messaging right on. This may have prevented so many deaths because if we used the internet there would have been instant messaging and I think we would have hit a lot more people in a shorter period of time. I think due to the time Tylenol did all that they could do. Due to the recent globalization of markets, would the outcome of this case be different if the events occurred today? It may have because the markets are mass media and everyone is on the internet and getting information. We might not have as many people die as we did. The case study was about how Tylenol had the scare with cyanide. It also talked about how seven people died because of it and how Tylenol products survived and they are now even better then ever. In the paper it asked us how we as PR people would improve on the situation and even predict a better outcome. We were asked if we think the internet would improve the outcome or even change the outcome. I think I have answered all the questions to the best of my abilities and have shown how Tylenol handled the situation very well for the time they were in. Not that the time was along time ago but it was before what internet service we have had in this present day of age. In the end I think that the internet would have improved the outcome and may even have saved some life. But what we know now and what we knew then are two different items. We can never go back and change the outcome of such a tragedy. In my case study analysis on, in which I evaluated the effectiveness of communication betw een this organization and its publics. I have shown the effectiveness on the communication on the public and how it can affect the public in different ways. I have achieved my goal in showing how the internet can play a big role in making a difference between PR now and PR then. 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Race in your community Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Race in your community - Research Paper Example I am a black male who was born in a developed country. As I was growing up, I noticed that my neighbors and friends had the same moral standards and beliefs. Many Caucasians and a few Hispanics and Asians were part of the community as well. In my family, I was taught that all people should be respected and treated as equals. Most of the people in my community lived well together and were not racist. There were also a few adopted children from Africa who we would play games like baseball with. While growing up, we did not look at the color of skin or one’s race. We were close friends who had sleepovers, played video games together and ate at each other’s houses. We also did outdoor activities like going fishing, playing football and playing tennis, just like any other normal children. When we misbehaved either at school or at home, our teachers, parents or the parents of our friends would punish us by whopping our butts. We were taught to say respectful words like Ã¢â‚¬Ë œthank you’ and ‘please’. Insecurity was not a problem, and therefore we would leave the door to the house unlocked when we left the house or went to sleep. If a friend had not finished their chores such as cleaning their room or taking out the trash, we would help them. Being a small community, the local paper definitely represented the people and the activities that went on in the community. The local paper and the local television and radio stations reported on the good and bad activities that were going on. The local papers, television and radio stations reported on the local weather. Sometimes, the children from the community were involved by the media in that the radio and television stations would let the kids report on the weather. There was no racial bias in selecting the children who would report the weather. My community is the best place to raise a child, because the people are hospitable, kind and helpful. Even as minorities, I, as well as the minority Hispanics and